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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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expedia got buy ratings up over 4, liz and dave. liz: it's a win for the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p and the russell as the bells ring on wall street. take and see how stocks are finishing up, and really the russell has the biggest gain as far as percentages, theory 8 -- nearly a full percentage point move. we're waiting on adobe numbers as we have mentioned, we'll see what happens there, but right now it's time for "after the bell." ♪ ♪ david: as the fed meets, the market just keeps on chugging along. let's get right to today's market action. michael binger of gradient investments senior portfolio manager who's going to tell us why it's time to be prudent. jason rotman, leto isle advisers managing partner gives us three plays he says could be immune to a market downturn and larry shover joining us from the cme.
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gold, usually when you get signs inflation is ticking up, you have gold up. today inflation up, gold down. why? >> well, it's because right now we have to remember the fact that monetary policy is the cross over gold's head right now, not necessarily inflation like it has been in the past. so just think of it this way, we had rates go down, ten-year yields go down. that should have been bullish for gold, and i'm talking about two or three months ago. it was not. right now gold seems to be following monetary policy which we know is very accommodative and still is, so we're going to see gold continue to struggle and probably continue to go down. liz: i don't know who to pick a fight with first, michael or jason, david, because i kind of disagree with both of them -- david: liz is the bull. liz: jason, do i need to smack you around? i can't believe this, you're bearish. you feel that a rising interest rate environment is hurting equities. equities are not getting hurt. look, there's always headline
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risk, certainly, but the fed has been very clear as have other central banks armed the nation, they've laid out the line, and it looks better for equities, does it not? >> well, listen, first of all, just because i'm bearish, you know, the index or the dow or the s&p doesn't mean i don't think there's opportunity. later on i will share where i think the opportunities are. liz: okay. >> because i'm a positive guy. but the s&ps, i think they could come down a little bit. listen, the things that are concerning from an objectivity stand point, two things. two key housing numbers -6% today. that's not that healthy. number two, the fed cannot stop the taper. if anybody's listening, the markets are, no pun intended, yelling from the rooftops there is inflation. david: oh! >> yes, i love it. i know you do too. [laughter] there is inflation, and i don't think inflation is a positive for the s&p, so i think they could come down a little bit. david: jason, when you mean to say a pun, don't say no pun intended.
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[laughter] we got it. michael, let's talk about inflation for a little bit because it certainly is hurting people's pocketbooks when it comes to buying food. food prices hitting an all-time high whether you're talking meat, vegetable, whatever. won't that cut into company profits eventually because people need to spend more on food? >> el, i think you're absolutely right. i mean, think about it, this is the first time in probably four or five years we've even had a real inflation discussion. so i agree with jason a little bit. i think the fact that inflation is moving to the fore front, that's concerning. corporate earnings are still good, but they were bad in the first quarter, and we'll see in the second quarter. i've been so used to coming on the show telling you that i've been positive, i like the market, i'm changing my tune. this time i think it's time to be prudent. liz: all right. it's prudent, and yet you, jason, feel there are places to salt your money as far as individual stocks are concerned. it's very timely today, michael, that you're picking at&t which, according to the "wall street journal," is the exclusive carrier for amazon's new
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whatever it is that's going to be rolled out tomorrow. but you also like competitor verizon. why the telecoms? >> i like 'em both. i mean, i want to focus right now on stocks that pay dividends and stocks that have, you know, call me crazy, but reasonable multiples, you know? i see the market chasing these very, very high multiple stocks again. so if i can get a company that grows a solid 5 or 6%, pays a 4-5% dividend and trades at 12-13 times, i think that's a great place to be in this stage of the market right now. david: jason, you do, indeed, have some incredible picks, and i've got to give you credit for one. solar city, i assume you wrote this before solar city was up 19%. it jumped today, and we got your notes early today when you said solar city's a buy. is it still a buy after a 19% increase? >> well, obviously, the you're a little bit shorter term trading, you wait for a little pullback. however, if you're a long-term investor, i think it's extraordinarily dangerous to short solar city, because i'd
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say shorting solar city is shorting elon musk. you don't want to short the albert einstein of this generation's stock market. the guy's a genius. solar city could be on its way to a hundred and more. david: by the way, i how did you know, jason, i just have to ask, how did you know? did you have some kind of clue that today was going to be the day when it was up almost 20%? >> oh, no. i mean, i didn't know of any announcement or anything. david: that's pretty impressive. >> i like elon musk, and i like solar city. secondly, they have over 110% quarterly revenue growth. the russell was the leader today. my picks go with the trend of growth and momentum. so i think solar city's a great pick as well as bonanza creek energy which is basically riding the bull market oil. liz: of course, you are right, it is elon musk who's the chair, but his younger cousin -- and we've interviewed him many times -- he's been the yeoman
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when it comes to running this company. again, smart leadership here which brings us back to larry shover. there are great places to go right now, but what worries you? what's out there on the horizon, larry, that we all should be watching that nobody's talking about? >> what nobody's talking about is how stocks view the fed right now, and to me, it seems very giddy. the doveishness of the stock market is almost irresponsible. it's lazy. and so right now i think we were due for a fence-mending party. how stocks view the fed, and on the other hand, where this policy, inflation and growth actually sit. with that said, any changes at the margin -- nobody's expecting a big change tomorrow, but any slight change at the margin given the fact we're up 3.5% since may could really disrupt our positioning and sentiment, make it more negative and have a very short-term correction. david: michael, what do you think is going to happen? do you think the fed is going to come out with any indication of when it might raise rates
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earlier, for example? >> no, i don't think we're in danger of a fed funds rate increase, but i think they'll continue to taper, and i think monetary stimulus, we're seeing the very last innings of monetary stimulus that's been a big boost to the market, and i think that's another reason to layer in more prudency, be careful what you buy. we just sold bonanza creek energy, took a nice profit yesterday, and bought a beaten-down casino stock that should rise regardless of earnings. david: well, remember, jason had solar city this morning, and he's 17% richer as a result of that pick. [laughter] thanks, guys. liz: we love you guys, thank you so much, all of you. great energy. larry, we'll come back to you shortly when the futures close. >> thank you. david: all right, a few numbers here, 9.7 million, that's how many cars gm sold in 2013. and then we have 20 million, that's how many cars it recalled
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this year. the recalls are costing shear holders $2 -- shareholders $2 billion, however, they are not driving away investors or consumers. why the disconnect? we've got an all-star panel coming up. liz: plus, most of you cannot be glued to your stock screens all day. checking your investments minute by minute. you have other jobs, but what if you wanted to take profits or cut your losses while you were away, and you weren't around to see some precipitous market drop? use stop orders and stop loss orders. we're going to tell you how to use this trader tool to help you be a better investor. we will walk you through every step with a top trader. david: also last year industrial robotics sales are going up. we have five ways to profit from the rise of these machines. liz: names, you've got to hear those. and we want to hear from you. today's consumer price index data showed inflation is running a bit hotter than expected.
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will rising inflation have any effect on the market and on your portfolio? tweet us @fbna, the b. your answers, coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ so the magic shell went back to being
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liz: gameing stocks climbing into the green following strong sales in may. david: let's head back to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. a lot of gambling going on. >> reporter: yeah, bring it on. gaming, everything. the stocks are doing well, the games are hot once again. the new consoles, we talked so much about this, this is about particular games though. so we're seeing new highs. electronic arts, new high. act vision, new high. that's great news. take two was up 2%, gamestop was up 6%, electronic arts up 3%. we got the latest data, and it showed the sales of physical games have been on the rise, actually rising 57% year-over-year. that is huge. and that was a turn around really because there was some concerns that maybe people wouldn't buy physical hard games, they'd be going back to the downloads and such. but some of the big ones, nba2k14, that was number seven. some of the great titles included amazing spider-man two,
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ghosts, and this one i'm not familiar with, watchdog, was actually the top-selling title. my children didn't ask for that one yet. they usually keep me abreast of this one -- liz: give them time. david: pretty soon they'll be asking for the x-rated ones. watch out. >> reporter: oh, no, no. david: well, the s&p futures are closing, let's go back to larry shover in the pits of the cme. >> even though it looks bore being behind me, this is a deeply fascinating market which is going to start playing out tomorrow. we have an evolving monetary policy, more on that tomorrow afternoon. against the backdrop of economic status quo. we have to recognize, and traders do, that economic stability in china is a real deal right now. gdp forecasts around the world were lowered last week. however, they were really lowered to consensus. also we have a second quarter earnings season coming. corporate earnings, if nothing else, will probably surprise to the upside.
4:14 pm
that's what consensus thinks right now. really fascinating to see how it all pans out. -@right now it seems like positn and sentiment are the key determinants on the market. right now the near term pain is slightly on the downside. david: okay. doesn't look too boring right now, looks kind of exciting. liz? >> you're welcome. liz: for those of you who have a regular job but cannot watch your investments every sing second, right? there are many times you may have missed an opportunity or a need to sell a stock before you lost quite a bit of money. well, just last week one of our favorite cm e-traders, mark sebastian, said investors need to be -- and the term he used -- aggressive with their stop orders. here's what he said. >> you know, in a slow, grinding market like this, the key to kind of trading is is really having patience with your winners and having aggressive, aggressive stop orders to get you out of the ones that are really losing. liz: we said bring him here. now! and so he flew here.
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great to have you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. liz: we love the train and teach our viewers sometimes. we don't, like other business networks, assume that people know everything already. but when you said be aggressive with your stop orders, we thought let's get you in to explain exactly how people do that and why they should do it. right off the bat, what should they be doing every time they buy a stock? >> yeah. before you even buy a stock, you've got to figure out your entry and exit points, okay? where am i looking to buy, where am i going to get out? not just on winners, but losers. that's where stop orders, stop loss orders and stop limit orders really come in handy. liz: here's what is a stop order, an order to buy or feel a stock when its price surpasses a particular point. now, when you're trading on, say, td ameritrade or scot trade, one of our favorites because they are advertisers here on this network, let's talk about what that is and how people do it. >> yeah. so i go and i buy a stock, tesla for $200. and, you know, i'm here in studio today.
4:16 pm
it's not like i can sit there and go on my little phone or something and sell tesla at $230 today. so what am i going to do? i'm going to put in a stop order to sell at $230. and guess what? i'll make 15% in a couple of days. that is what i can use a stop order, sometimes called a limited order, for to make sure that i get that price when it trades there and i'm not, you know, working or driving or talking to liz claman. liz: well, you know, it would have worked perfectly say, for example, with solar city. you could put in a stop order this morning. if we showed an intraday, then you came in, you didn't even realize they were going to make this announcement that they had acquired another company. the stock shot up. you could have made more than 10%. i mean, this is incredible. but that's hard for people to do at the top, to put in stop orders. easier to put in a stop loss order, isn't it? >> right. a stop loss order is something i put in under the market when i buy a stock to make sure that if the stock that i bought drops too much, then i'm out of the stock, and i'm not riding it all
4:17 pm
the way down which is a fatal mistake many investors make. liz: here, for example, is a stop order on apple, hedging against a loss, right? so explain to us what we're looking at. >> all right. so let's say i buy am for $70 a share because i'm david asher, and i think it's going to infinity, all right? [laughter] but especially in this market we talk about aggressive stop orders, so normally i might accept a 10% loss on a stock. in this case i'm going to accept about 5%. so i would place a stop loss order, that's an order to sell apple, at $66 a share. what happens? apple drops below $66. the order is executed without me even thinking about it, and i'm out of the stock. if the stock drops further, then i can reevaluate whether i want to reenter. but the good news is i haven't ridden the stock all the way down to 50 or 60. liz: what happens if a stock plummets very quickly? on a day like the flash crash, all bets were off, and actually
4:18 pm
some of those losses were fixed. they were smoothed over, but let's say something is falling really precipitously, and a caller hasn't kicked in yet. will a stop loss order save me? >> think about this, so we have this ginormous flash crash where the market dropped, and stop orders and stop loss orders were triggered. you know, that's still a good thing because look what happened over the next few weeks. the market actually ended up much lower than where, even the bottom of the flash crash. so, you know, what'll happen is you'll have this gap, and you'll get sold at that price, and it's kind of frustrating, kind of annoying. but, you know, in the end -- and, typically, it ends up being a good thing because when we have these systemic events, it can be tempting to cancel the order and sitting there, and you end up watching the market drop lower and lower and lower when you could be sitting on this cash and able to buy the stock market at a much lower price at a later date. liz: guys, perfect advice. thank you so much, mark, for coming this to explain all this. thank you. >> thank you for having me.
4:19 pm
liz: and we're going to put up the how-tos on our web site. david, other to you. david: and i've got breaking news on adone b by. the adobe systems number are out, they beat on both the top and the bottom line, 37 cents earning per share, estimates were 30 cents. revenue estimates were for $1.3 billion, in fact, it was $1.07 billion, and you can see what is happening after hours. this stock is jumping. again, there hadn't been a lot of excitement about adobe until they saw the numbers were such a beat on both the top and bottom line. they are switching, by the way, undergoing a big transition from the software licenses to a subscription-based business model. and the numbers came in very positive on that front. their subscriptions are growing, they are beating on the bottom and the top line of expectations and as a result, look what's happening after hours. we can expect this stock to pop tomorrow morning as soon as the trading bell bins. liz: the ceo had told us about
4:20 pm
that during three days in the valley. they said, watch, we're going to have subscription-based money coming in. david: now it is the investors putting their money where their mouth is. meanwhile, gm's ceo is returning to capitol hill tomorrow, mary barra, to face a barrage of new questions of the automaker's massive recalls, over 20 million. next, we're going to find out whether wall street should be concerned about gm ahead of that testimony. liz: also a potential starbucks killer? yes, it just opened its first store six years ago, that's it, and it's on track to now have 600 stores in the u.s. by 2020. we'll be talking to café benet's u.s. president about the company's very aggressive expansion plans. david: and you want to score a big win in world cup soccer advertising? one global powerhouse taking the ad wars to a whole new level. details, straight ahead. i love this -- liz: great. david: look at that! liz: whoo! ♪ ♪
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liz: general motors has now recalled0 million cars worldwide. that's this year alone. just how big is that in relation to sales? well, the automaker sold 9.7 million vehicles in all of 2013. david: despite all that, gm sales rose 12.6% in may. this is the best sales month since august 2008. so what's going on? seems to be a little bit of a disconnect here. let's bring in jeff flock and lauren fix, the car coach. great to see you both. so, jeff, i know dealers always love to put a happy face on everything, but when you get him in a back room, maybe he brings
4:25 pm
out the bottle from a lower drawer and shares a glass with you. what are they worried about as far as all of these recalls? well, you know, i'll tell you, and we just did that with woody here at woody buick gmc, and he says these recalls are actually bringing people in -- david: what? >> they've bringing people in because they have to get their car repaired, and this is an opportunity to make a sale. and he has actually had his best month ever last month because of all the recalls. david: oh, my goodness. >> it sounds crazy, but it's kind of true. i mean, he showed
4:26 pm
david: it never is when they're the ones who pay for their own report. hasn't she lost a little bit of the goodwill? won't she face a little tougher
4:27 pm
questioning than perhaps she saw last time? >> oh, i expect she'll receive very tough questions, and the thing is once one of these, you know, congressmen decide to latch their teeth onto something, they're going to go after her saying weren't you in charge of global safety? how come you didn't know about that? that's explained in what's called the gm nod. we all nod and say, yeah, dave, you have got that, right? nothing ever happens. so these are things that do happen. liz: jeff; with all of these recalls, only some of them were fatal and related to the ignition key switch issue, and there are others that are way more minor. it's almost as if the company so gun shy or worried that, hair trigger, they're just recalling anything that may even be very minor. do you think every time somebody walks into a gm dealership they're thinking about this, or they're saying these things happen, let's move forward, the problem's over? >> i think they were saying that, but this last recall is a little bit troubling because
4:28 pm
it's three million more cars. here's what it's about. i've got one of these keys. this is the slotted key, and it's about the ignition again. on this recall, apparently, because the key has a slot it can get some torque going when it starts to shake like that. and if you go over a pothole or something, it's enough torque to actually turn the car off. and then you lose power steering, you lose power braking, and your airbags don't deploy. and i'll the -- tell you, people start to wonder, wait a minute, are any gm ignitions really safe? i mean, go home and check your ignition, see if it can rattle out of that start position. because if so, i mean, that becomes a huge issue. so i'm sure she's going to get hit on that too. david: lauren, we haven't quite heard all that we're going to hear from ralph nader, in fact, he's going to be on our show tomorrow. and while some of what he said has been discounted as, oh, that's just ralph nader going on again, jeff brings up some great points. there are certain things that may be tougher that come out
4:29 pm
about all this as we get more independent reports about the trouble with gm cars. won't that eventually, won't that eventually mean less sales and perhaps a devaluation of the stock? >> well, it's possible the stock will be devalued, but jeff is right. as -- i used to be a dealer trainer, and we trained the dealers. when someone comes in for service or to buy parts, this is your opportunity to go out as a sales guy and say, hey, i'm sorry you had a problem with whatever car, your cobalt, whatever it might be, come on in and let me show you what we're doing better. ideally, that's not as on top of it. david: love these dealers. liz: indeed. david: lauren, thanks. jeff flock, thank you both. appreciate it. liz: high-speed trading has been a hot topic since the release of michael lewis' book "flash boys." the controversy reached capitol hill today with lawmakers asking whether some traders have an unfair advantage.
4:30 pm
what was the answer? we'll bring you the latest. david: also. while the u.s. has lost 1.6 million manufacturing jobs since the beginning of the recession, most of the work hasn't completely gone away, so who stands to benefit? robots, for one thing. next we've got four robot stock plays. get out your pencils and paper, money's to be made here. ♪ ♪
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liz: time for a look at today's market drivers, stocks finish higher in chopping trading driven by small-cap stocks. financials and consumer discretionary were today's top performers while telecom and energy lag. housing starts falling sick .5% in the month of may, this marked the first decline in four months in was bigger than the 3.7% drop a forecast. gold falling, snapping its longest rally since february on speculation the fed will announce tomorrow a reduction in its program. gold falling three tenths of a percent. >> about a million folks in manufacturing have lost their jobs to robots over the past decade, that is awful news for the unemployed, but it does mean investors should consider which companies have done best at capitalizing on the robotic trend.
4:35 pm
in best or editor jeff reese has been doing just that. he joins us now. what has happened to other spokes that have lost their jobs? will they ever get a job back in manufacturing? >> probably not to read some of the manufacturing jobs are very high-tech, but some of these old people with low skill jobs are just not done the same way anymore. a letter on workforce and disability. the sad reality is the 1.6 million manufacturing jobs that are lost, actually look at details about 1 million jobs have been added in service industries like retail and working in restaurants, so that reality is people are not working in factories anymore. >> the folks who are in robotics who are taking some of these manufactured jobs are doing extremely well. lets her with the biggest name out there, ibm and talk about watson if you can. >> everyone nodes watson from that jeopardy days, but it's much more than funny games.
4:36 pm
it's funny that watson knows those, but it can diagnose disease if you put in symptoms for vital signs for patients in hospitals. it can research diseases and tell you what the symptoms are pointing towards. it has personalized lesson plans for teachers based on past scores, they have real-world application treat every world application for you and me. these watson to assess risk and it's nice for me and i get to go on yahoo finance and happy data, but what can do it faster and there's a fine line between the data we have in the humans that proces kind of at the forefront. ibm is doing a great job of thinking around the corner. >> switching to google, they have something called the mind to read explain. google is the same i. their algorithms now they
4:37 pm
search for a little all caps or whatever people search run the web, but deep mind is a company they bought for $400 million that learns from the information and doesn't just connect search with results, it actually thinks about things. it isn't the only robotic mind that they have bought. thereby a humanoid robot company and robotic arm coming. google has a long history of successful accusations, youtube or android in their thinking ahead and if you believe robots of the future than google is worth that with $60 billion in these accusations. >> amazon it's putting money also. if i come for about $770 million, that's a robotics firm, right? >> yes, they bought think that in 10 years there but it's not unrealistic to think that in 10 years there could be no human beings involved in an amazon transaction. these robots that work out fulfillment and rare house processing whole the off the shelf, they put in those wonderful little drones in the drone delivers it to my doorstep. they really could be no humans evolved. >> a lot of our investors
4:38 pm
are looking overseas and in particular to germany. siemens is a big german company and they spent about $5 billion a year -- every year on robotics as well, so you could go there. >> yes and it's important to realize they'd develop stuff like auto manufacturing in these automation to build cars or bottling plants and also due to emerging markets and if you think about its manufacturing jobs we got disrupted in the 70s and 80s could happen as costs start to go up so siemens is a good powerful robotics played. >> real quick, there is a robotics etf and i guess it's called robo, right? >> yes and we don't know where things will go. i thought it would have a flying car by now, it just didn't happen to read if you don't know which company will proceed you can play the robo etf are some of the ones here along with three printer-- three printers.
4:39 pm
>> we had a lot in there, and jeff reese, thank you. list, overuse. liz: the sectarian bloodbath hangs over iraq as sunni militants battle for strategic city north of baghdad. will the us launch airstrikes to stop the militants advance? we are live at the white house for you and call it the little engine that could, it's a six-year-old coffee chain that wants to give starbucks a roasting. the chain's us president joins us live to talk about the company's huge ambition. get ready for a maple mock yellow. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge.
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ally bank. your money needs an ally. liz: with beef and coffee prices hitting historic highs with an asking on facebook and twitter whether you think rising inflation will have an effect on the markets. when on facebook says that inflation in showing up more than the markets, more than the shopping cart. we would love to have you join the conversation, tweet as short answer. >> in 2008, café benny launched in south korea and has been expanding rapidly around the globe ever since. store present south korea at number those of starbucks and now it has its sights set on the us coffee market. liz: people are asking why not? could it be a starbucks killer? joining us now the eight benny us president and there
4:44 pm
is one just on the street in time square. it's beautiful. we have wanted to delve into the story, let's talk about the beginning and why you all came up with this idea knowing they're so much competition of their. >> we are the fastest-growing franchise company in the world now and we have 1500 stores and we are planning to keep the speed up and continue to open more than 10000 stores by 2020. the us will be our center of expansion, so we started from new york and la in the west coast and we have-- we're planning on expansion nationally. by opening 100 stores. liz: do you ever get intimidated by the fact that starbucks is on every corner and there's a dunkin' donuts everywhere? >> there's a difference between us and them. >> that's the key though, what do you offer starbucks and the other coffee shops don't ? >> let me explain first about our coffee, we only serve the best specialty coffee for customers and our supervisors in every store
4:45 pm
are in charge of keeping the pace of the coffee best and fresh ever. also, we serve this great dessert from all over the world for our customers. for example, belgium marshall's, and our customers can taste from all over the world without traveling the world. >> basically what you're doing is providing a menu that is diverse as the coffee and you don't think starbucks would be able to equal that? >> we also offer in terrio with a lot of fluffy cushions and bookshelf the people can always come in and have good conversation with good friends and feel at home. liz: in fact our team took a field trip today went over there and they loved the coffee and we said let's bring you guys in and we started photographing the area because it was so cozy and exciting. reclaimed word, a very comfortable atmosphere, but to me some of your menu offerings are really the drop.
4:46 pm
a maple macchiato coffee. that to me is very interesting and i can just conjure up what it tastes like to read what's your best sellers right now? >> our best seller as i mentioned before we serve not only copy, but also created beverages like maple macchiato and the healthy drink is the longtime favorite for our customers. liz: what's in it? >> multigrain, kind of a draggable serial, so it could be your healthy good alternative to your everyday regular coffee. >> but it is a korean dish? we have a lot of koreans in new york and california there are a lot of koreans also. talk about your business model for a second because you have the franchising business model, why did you choose every company? >> it's the best way of expansion.
4:47 pm
the most expeditious way. >> is it difficult for a korean company to explain to american franchise exec have come should be run? >> if the coffee business. it's not a matter of where we are from and what we do. do and this is great. thank you for telling your story. we love startups when they take on the big guys. >> best of luck to you. liz: it may be coming to a neighborhood near you. violence in iraq is escalating to read the islamic is continue to advance along the country and forced the shutdown of the rocks largest oil refinery. evacuations, all kinds of problems and coming up we will give you the latest on how washington is handling this crisis. >> the controversy over high-frequency trading under the microscope on capitol hill. with a impose stricter standards and rules? what is the latest on the irs scandal? very latest from inside the beltway next.
4:48 pm
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liz: president obama is planning to meet top capitol hill leaders tomorrow to discuss the worsening violence in a rectory. >> peter barnes life at the
4:52 pm
white house with details. peter, there will be republicans there as well right? >> yes a bipartisan leaders of the house and senate, speaker boehner, leader pelosi, the democratic leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate and the white house is describing these meetings as the presidents-- it is going to have consultations with them about the next steps in iraq. the white house is the president special security team is reviewing options for possible next steps, which the administration has said it could include drone strikes in iraq against those jihadist forces, those insurgent forces as well as some kind of partnership with iran after the us and already officials met with each other in vienna earlier this week. >> i would caution anyone from overly formalizing what this is. we are engaging with a range of countries in the region. they are concerned about the stability of iraq and the impact on the region. that's what this was,
4:53 pm
briefly on the margin. what it will mean moving forward i think it's got to be determined, but it's not the launch of a formal process. reporter: the white house said today it is not going to discuss a timetable for a decision by the president on next steps in iraq. david and liz. >> thank you, peer. meanwhile a powerful us lawmaker today said he is concerned about catholic's of interest in the market. liz: the senator leads the investigative committee, which is looking into the controversy over high-frequency trading. rich edson is in dc and has been following the hearing. reporter: investors exchange ceos, fcc chair have all weighed in on whether they think the markets are rigged and congress just held the latest round exploring whether these in rebates paid to brokerages to steer trade to certain exchanges disadvantage some investors,
4:54 pm
weighing in broadcast jan out the central character of michael lewis' book and he portrays in like a hero in "flash boys" and executives from the exchange and ameritrade and others. some are pushing to eliminate these are rebates to draw trading traffic. that exchanges say banning them would move trading activity to dark pools, the panels chair says there could be a role for congress here though he weighs out no specifics. one senator says any advantage because of the fees and rebates is negligible. >> if i'm doing a 2000-dollar trade and you're concerned about the conflict of interest where i might have to pay additional 40 cents on a 2000-dollar trade , is that what this is about really? >> it's about the fact you didn't get to trade, so your assumption you trade is wrong. >> but i always have been able to trade. >> maybe you have. >> how many times do people not get to trade? >> the difference for certain types of stocks is 25%. reporter: investors seem unfazed by the reaction over this. brokerage firms are up and
4:55 pm
it appears this is up to the fcc ongoing review as congress is unlikely to get involved beyond holding hearings like this. >> click on the irs you broke the story today of more irs officials who say they have mysteriously lost their e-mails even though they are supposed be back to. what is the next at their? reporter: ways and means is putting this information out and the next up is more hearings. >> all right. thank you very much. so, we told you how to profit from the robots. we will show you how one company is using robots to protect its employees. liz: it's not just the players in the world cup who know how to kick a soccer ball. look at that. some of the best are happening off the field. we will show you and tell you why. ♪ he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem.
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you should see what happens in our time here. look at this. just like the 32 teams vying for the world cup championship, major corporations such as mcdonald's are bringing their a game to tv screens. liz: bingo. >> they said that was a photoshop, i don't believe it. this is creative advertising. in this mcdonald's commercial-- look at this one, shocker soccer skills unlike other big at contenders like adidas and nike, this does not feature a single soccer star, just regular people who loved to play the game and do incredible things. since 2010 us ads on the us soccer program have increased 43%. wow. look at this old guy. liz: that's fantastic. of the desk, robots are taking over the british security joint as a security guard in its uk headquarters.
4:59 pm
the robot name is bob and it controls the building. if he finds anything suspicious he reports to human security guards who are too lazy to do the work themselves apparently. he uses software cameras to process security information and navigate the building, but bob is not yet a full-time employee. he is on a three week trial. >> i thought his name was often through the western facebook and twitter whether you think rising inflation will have an effect on the market. ray on facebook says of course, no-brainer. portions of the market will thrive during inflationary period, but some parts will be crushed. be selective and diversified. liz: nick on twitter says it will raise demand for things like bit coin. >> look what happened in gold. was down today. joe on twitter thinks no markets on the way up no matter what. liz: really, because we have seen many records. number one thing to watch tomorrow will be at the fomc
5:00 pm
policy statement and janet yellen's second news conference. investors will close the watch for the feds update in economic forecast as whether the central bank will taper its asset purchases and we will have her life on fox business. >> it's like we have been waiting for this all week. "the willis report" is next and jerry will be speaking with a top lawyer representing jim victims, right next. gerri: yes to remember great show coming and have fresh details on gm ceo mary barris, before the committee tomorrow including new information on a victim settlement. also coming today individual investors robbed of their retirement savings imus steered into risk investments to read we will a growing problem. also, lost bags, canceled flights, the dsa and has of line forcing people to do something downright un-american. celebrities financial advisors suzy orman, her approved card discontinued. we will find out why her much-publicized debit card was canceled.


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